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Biggest Looser- Julie Hadden
December 15, 2007


Julie Hadden is a 35 year old stay-at-home mom from Jacksonville, FL. She is a cast member of Season 4 of the NBC hit reality show “The Biggest Loser.” Be sure to tune in to NBC from 8:00 – 9:30 pm every Tuesday night, starting September 11, 2007, to see Julie and the 17 other contestants battle it out for the title of Biggest Loser. It promises to be an awesome season full of surprises and twists. The Biggest Loser is MORE than just a reality show…it is a catalyst for changed lives and dedication to healthy living!

Julie is in the final 4 ,watch this tuesday to see if she wins!!!


Ellen Calls President Bush-Christmas Greetings!!!
December 12, 2007

Miss Universe
December 3, 2007


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (Dec. 2) – Police probing allegations that someone put pepper spray on a Puerto Rican beauty contestant’s clothing said Saturday they would investigate whether anyone lied to them after tests found no traces of the substance on the woman’s belongings.

Miss Puerto Rico Universe Ingrid Marie Rivera and pageant organizers claimed that someone had laced her makeup and doused her clothing with a chemical they believed to be pepper spray during the November 23 contest in an attempt to knock her out of the running.

The 24-year-old from the town of Dorado said she broke out in hives and swelling during the pageant and was forced to ice down her face and body backstage during the event.

On Friday, the Caribbean island’s Forensic Sciences Institute said the brush and gown, delivered to police four days after the pageant, contained no traces of capsicum, pepper spray’s active ingredient. They did not test for other chemicals.

“I guess she has a lot of explaining to do,” police spokesman Stephen Alvarez said on Saturday.

Saying that he did not want his department used for purposes of publicity, Police Superintendent Pedro Toledo said he would investigate whether anyone provided false information to his detectives, which would be a felony.

Jacksonville Tv Celeb-Julie from “Biggest Looser”inspires best friend
November 21, 2007


Julies long time best friend,Tammie.


Tammie’s senior highschool picture and some after she gained the weight.


People around the country are tuning in to this seasons “Biggest Looser”,many are becoming inspired to get into shape and loose weight themselves,But when Jacksonville native, Julie Hadden entered the contest,she had no idea she would be a beacon of hope for her closest friends.

Julie and Tammie have been best friends forever…..literally,they were friends when atari video games were the rage,when “big curly hair” was hip,even when Micheal Jackson was a black man.(thats a long time ago)

Its no surprise they were drawn together,both have strong convictions in the church,they cherish family and friends,they both sang in church choirs,solos,groups,(and the occasional karoke at Bombay Bicycle Club,shhhhh).They both loved the the Miss Amercia Pageant system,they performed and judged many pageants together.They both had larger than life personalities,either one of them could have been a stand up comic,they also shared another factor,weight,it was a constant battle for both of them.

While Julie battled weight to compete in pageant,Tammie was right there with her.Now that Julie is on the right road – eating healthy and working out,Tammie has been inspired to do the same right along with her best friend.

Tammie shows off her progress.



The fun side of thier friendship is evident on Tammies Myspace page,she keeps everyone updated on her and Julies progress and has 2 south park cartoon versions of themselves.


Having known each girl in highschool,if some one had asked me back then where the girls would be 10 years from now? It would be easy to answer,Julie would be the next Oprah and have a tv talk show and Tammie would either be on American Idol or a fashion editor of Vogue.

Julie’s personality lights up everyroom she walks in,and in a matter of minutes she makes strangers feel like they have know her forever.You could have fun at a funeral with her.Her ability to see humor in everything draws people in,she proved this at the Miss Jacksonville Pageant where she won the interview competition.

Tammie is an incredible singing talent,from the lowest alto note,to the highest soprano note her range was effortless.She  also could add hamorny parts to any song instantly,hearing her sing was truly amazing.She also had a keen eye for decorating,fashion,and make up,that plus her sarcastic quick wit made her and  Julie complimentary together,If the “dymanic duo “was at a party,you knew you would have a good time.


My predictions werent too far off,Julie is inspiring people all over the world on a weekly basis,and Tammie is a make-up consultant for Estee Lauder.I wish the best of luck to both of them and thier familys.